Financial Assistance

We recognize that it can be expensive to play hockey. There are organizations throughout Canada which assist children to play organized sports such as hockey.

We have listed some of organizations that we are aware of below.

Lethbridge Recreation and Culture Fee Assistance Program

Launched in November 2015, the City of Lethbridge has a Fee Assistance program for residents who face financial barriers to participating in recreational and cultural opportunities.

Each qualifying individual can receive up to $150 for one activity in the spring, and one activity in the fall, offered by a local organization providing recreational and cultural programming and/or memberships

Jumpstart Canadian Tire

Jumpstart is a national charitable program that helps financially disadvantaged kids participate in organized sport and recreation. The help cover registration, equipment and/or transportation costs.


KidSport is a national charitable program that helps children in financial need to participate in organized sport.


Just4Kics is a Canadian registered charity providing underprivileged youth and their families funding support for sport or recreational activity within their community.

Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation

The Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation is a registered foundation designated to provide support and address situations unique to the First Nations community.